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par - 16 novembre 2010

Les traites et les esclavages : Perspectives historiques et contemporaines, edited by Myriam Cottias, Elisabeth Cunin & António Almeida Mendes (Paris : Karthala, 2010, paper 32.00€) is the first in a new series of Karthala books entitled “Esclavages,” under the direction of Myriam Cottias. Two dozen brief chapters highlight recent Francophone research in this domain and its embeddedness in contemporary French politics. Historically underdeveloped compared to studies in other countries that were marked by slavery and the slave trade, French research is now in a period of growth, and this volume, based on a conference attended by 300 people in 2006, is probably the best single starting point for readers to get a sense of these developments. The introduction as well as many chapters of the book make it clear that, for this new generation of French scholars, current politics (particularly government policies about immigration and national identity) are closely tied to broadening the population’s understandings of the Atlantic slave trade and its legacies.

—extrait de « Bookshelf 2010 » par Richard Price & Sally Price, NWIG 85(1/2), 2011