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Statut : The University of York, Department of History

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Thèmes de recherche

- The British slave trade and its abolition
- The history of the British black community

Recherches actuelles

The origins of my research was a study of a Jamaican plantation ( A Jamaican Plantation, 1760-1970, with Michael Craton, London 1970.) that led to a series of books on slavery and the slave trade. I list below only the more recent books.

Parcours de recherche


Ouvrages (sélection)

2007 : Britain’s Slave Empire, Stroud.

2007 : The Trader, the Owner, the Slave, Titre de l’ouvrage, London.

2007 : A Short History of Slavery, Penguin.

2006 : Atlas of Slavery, London.

2001 : Black Ivory. Slavery in the British Empire, Oxford.

2000 : Making the Black Atlantic, London.

1998 : An African’s Life. The Life and Times of Olaudah Equiano, 1745- 1797, London.

Ouvrages collectifs

2007 : with Stephen Farrell, Melanie Unwin, The British Slave Trade : Abolition, Parliament and the People, Edinburgh University Press for the Parliamentary history yearbook trust.

2003 : with Gad Heuman, The Slavery Reader, London.



Emissions de radio et de télévision

I have been a regular contributor to TV and radio programmes, notably on the BBC. e.g. in 2007 alone :

1. Trade Roots, BBC radio 4, 2007.
2. William Wilberforce, BBC TV, 2007.
3. Equiano, BBC TV, 2007.
4. Abolishing the slave trade, BBC radio 3, 2007.


In addition I was guest curator to two major exhibitions in 2007 :

1. Parliament ( Westminster Hall), Abolition of the Slave Trade, May- October 2007.
2. Birmingham Art Galleries : The Life of Olaudah Equiano, October 2007-January 2008.