A letter on the slave trade still carried on along the Eastern coast of Africa, called the Province of Mosambique, showing the little importance those possessions are of to Portugal, in a commercial point of view, and suggesting improvements

This account by F. Torres Texugo, a Portuguese political exile in Britain, describes the continuing slave trade from the East coast of Africa to Brazil in the late 1830s. Texugo describes his writing as a faithful first hand account, and offers it to the British abolitionists as a useful source of information on the Portuguese slave trade at Mozambique. The letter is addressed to Thomas Fowell Buxton, the founder of the Society for the Extinction of the Slave Trade and the Civilisation of Africa.

  • Date : 1839
  • Surname : Texugo
  • First name : F. Torres
  • Classification : Book
  • Place of publication : London
  • Publisher : J. Hatchard & Son. Smith & Elder.
  • Language : English
  • Theme : Travel Writings
  • Source : Anti-Slavery International, 'Recovered Histories' collection. Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, University of London. British Library. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal.
  • Weblink : http://www.recoveredhistories.org/pamphlet1.php?catid=199
  • Documents :
  • Key words : Mozambique Slave Trade Portugal Commerce Travel Letter East Africa

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