A voyage to the slave coasts of West and East Africa

This follow-up to Hill's Fifty days on board a slave vessel describes the author's anti-slavery patrol voyages on both coasts of Africa in 1844. His ship calls at Quicumbo and at Benguela where they find hundreds of slaves, and Brazilian ships waiting in port. Hill stresses that blocking the entire coastline of Africa is impossible, and that a large number of slave ships will continue to cross the Atlantic to meet demand in Brazil and Cuba: "no armed force on the coast of Africa can combat the traffic at advantage" (18). The ship also calls at St. Helena, the Cape and Madagascar, and is stationed on the Mozambique coast. Hill describes the cruelties of slavery and slave trading that he has witnessed around the world, from slave markets in Egypt and Turkey, to the treatment of slaves in the United States as a "stage of barbarism" in the progress of humanity (5).

Also published in Dublin by James B. Gilpin.

  • Date : 1849
  • Surname : Grenfell Hill
  • First name : Pascoe [Rev.]
  • Classification : Book
  • Place of publication : London
  • Publisher : Charles Gilpin
  • Language : English
  • Theme : Travel Writings
  • Source : Rhodes House, Oxford. British Library. Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Biblioteca Nacional de España.
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  • Key words : Slave Coast West East Africa Slave Trade Slavery Navy Chaplain Anti-Slavery Patrol

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