Association du Sou par Semaine en faveur des esclaves

This newsletter of the 'Sou par Semaine en faveur des esclaves' (weekly penny for the slaves) philanthropic organisation, which was based in Switzerland, updated members on the organisation's progress, the number of subscribers and the funds raised. Most subscriptions were from the Swiss cantons, although some also came from France (collected by the Protestant pastor Frédéric Monod), as well as Britain, Germany, Italy and Russia. The main action undertaken by the Association was the purchase of the liberty of individual slaves, who were then featured in the newsletter (see attached image). The focus was principally on slavery in the United States, with the following exceptions: a speech by Dutch abolitionist and pastor Beets in the second issue (June 1859), an article by the French abolitionist Gasparin, taken from the journal Archives du Christianisme, in issue 9 (November 1860), a letter to Palmerston copied from the British Anti-Slavery Reporter, and an account of the British abolitionist movement in issue 21 (March 1863). Issue 25 (December 1863) is also entirely dedicated to the abolition of slavery in the Dutch Caribbean colonies.

Image ©SHPF, Paris.Flyers were produced in French, German and English explaining the work of the Association. A pamphlet was also produced by the Association: Appel en faveur de l'affranchissement des esclaves aux États-Unis d'Amérique (Appeal for the liberation of the slaves in the United States of America).

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  • Place of publication : Lausanne
  • Publisher : Georges Bridel
  • Language : French
  • Theme : Abolition Campaigns
  • Source : Bibliothèque de la Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme français, Paris
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