Martyrologe Colonial. Tableau de l’esclavage aux colonies françaises.

This evangelical pamphlet contains three separately bound stories of slavery in the French Caribbean, each one illustrating a bible lesson. The first parable, entitled 'Jérome, Clet and Laurencin', describes three slaves in Martinique, who are tortured because they are suspected of making plans to escape to the British colonies. The second tells the story of two women who were left chained up in an attic for having disobeyed instructions and brought their babies to the cane field. The third story, set in Guadaloupe, describes a son forced to hold his elderly mother while she is beaten. Describing these "Colonial Martyrdoms", the text calls for the immediate abolition of slavery in the colonies. French nationalist pride is appealed to, as France is described as a country "devoted to noble causes", which has been left behind by British, Sweden, Denmark and Tunisia in the progression towards abolishing slavery (23).

Le Moniteur (April 1847) is cited in this undated text, and as slavery was abolished the following year by France, the Martyrologe would have been published in either 1847 or 1848. Includes three printed illustrations, one for each tale. Image ©SHPF, Paris.

  • Date : 1847 [?]
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  • Classification : Pamphlet
  • Place of publication : Paris
  • Publisher : A. Sirou & Desquers
  • Language : French
  • Theme : Abolition Campaigns
  • Source : Bibliothèque de la Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme français, Paris
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  • Key words : Martyrdom French Colonies Slavery Cruelty Bible Evangelism

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