Traite des nègres. Renseignemens tendant à prouver la continuation de ce trafic illégal

This Quaker pamphlet laments the continued illegal slave trade, and the need for "indirect" efforts to make the French public aware of its continued existence. It reprints lists of slave ships taken from the Sierra Leone Royal Gazette in 1824, a number of which had sailed from Nantes or from the French Caribbean colonies, and calls on France's government to enforce its laws against slave trading. The pamphlet attempts to disassociate the "barbarity" of the French slave traders from their "enlightened nation" (7).

Date of 1825 suggested by Friends House Library.

  • Date : 1825 [?]
  • Surname :
  • First name :
  • Classification : Pamphlet
  • Place of publication : Paris
  • Publisher : Crapelet
  • Language : French
  • Theme : Abolition Campaigns
  • Source : Friends House Library, London. Bibliothèque Nationale de France. British Library.
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  • Key words : French Slave Trade Ships Sierra Leone Newspaper Quaker

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